Home Insurance

A home isn’t just made of cement and wood; it’s also made of memories, celebrations and special moments. When you protect it with a proper homeowners insurance policy, you safeguard both the building’s structure and the precious assets inside. At DiVirgilio Insurance, we understand that insuring your home means protecting your investments and your future.


Expect the unexpected. No one ever thinks his or her house will catch fire or that he or she will be robbed, and yet it happens every day. Homeowners insurance protects you when your home suffers damage due to fire, wind, lightning, and even theft and vandalism.


Just because you don’t own a home doesn’t mean that you don’t need to protect your belongings.  While your landlord’s insurance will cover structural damage to his or her property, it won’t compensate you for lost or damaged possessions. So, while homeowners insurance will pay to repair a window that broke during a heavy storm, it won’t pay to replace your laptop that was damaged by the incoming rain. Renters insurance safeguards your possessions.


As a condo owner, you face a unique set of exposures. Like renters, you need to protect your personal possessions. However, you also need to protect the interior structure of your unit. Condo insurance is designed specifically for condominium owners and provides liability protection as well.


Homeowners insurance does NOT cover flood damage. This is a common misconception that often leaves homeowners in shock when they learn that their insurance policy will not reimburse them for hefty repair and replacement costs due to flood damage.

Rental Property/Landlords’ Insurance

Whether you are renting out your seasonal home or own an apartment complex, homeowners’ insurance won’t cover rental properties. Protect the property you own and protect yourself from liability claims with rental property insurance.
No matter where you live, your home, belongings and assets are worth protecting. Contact DiVirgilio Insurance to learn more about these specific types of coverage. We work with a wide array of insurance carriers to find you the lowest possible premium. Call 781-592-5220 or fill out the form on this page for a free quote.

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