Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Do you own a fleet of semi-trucks, operate a taxi service, or sometimes utilize a single moving van for your business’s operations? If so, a commercial vehicle insurance policy is vital in safeguarding your bottom line. A car accident could significantly impact company productivity, and a comprehensive commercial vehicle insurance policy is an important aspect of thorough business continuity planning. Whether you utilize one vehicle or 100, a single accident-related lawsuit has the potential to put you out of business permanently if you don’t have the right coverage.

Your Personal Auto Insurance May Not Protect You

A common misconception is that a personal car insurance policy will protect you when you are using your own vehicle for business purposes. However, it won’t. Whether you are driving your own car to meet with a client or using your personal truck to move equipment, a commercial auto policy must be in place to keep you covered when an accident happens while on company time or while on company business. The type of vehicle you own, the type of company you operate, and the distance traveled for business purposes all factor into the coverage you need and the premiums you’ll pay. DiVirgilio understands all of these variables and works with a wide array of carriers to find the package that’s right for you.

What Types of Coverage Do You Need?

The insurance agents at DiVirgilio Insurance can help assess your vehicular risks and identify solutions to protect you against claims; no two policies are the same. Carriers offer a variety of types of coverage, including protection against:

  • Collision
  • Medical costs
  • Property damage
  • Liability
  • Uninsured motorists
  • Personal injury

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