Snow Removal Vehicle Insurance

There is nothing quite like winter in New England.  From the first pristine snowfall of the season to the slushy morning commutes in March, winter makes life in the Northeast unique.  December through March, plow owners and drivers become community heroes. But whether you operate a single plow, or run an entire fleet of trucks, you need proper snow removal vehicle insurance.

The agents at DiVirgilio Insurance are well-aware of the importance of having fully insured plows operating during winter, as they are part of a local insurance agency that has been in business for over twenty years. We value the peace of mind that comes with knowing our grandparents’ driveway will always be cleared after a snowstorm. Likewise, we all feel a similar sense of relief when we look out the window and see that a plow has come through the neighborhood. Because of this, we are eager to ensure that local plow owners have the snow removal vehicle insurance coverage they need to provide their services all season long.

To enter into a snow removal contract with municipalities or office parks, a proper insurance certificate is generally a prerequisite. Missing even one snowstorm because of an insurance technicality can greatly affect your business’s bottom line. Before winter approaches, contact DiVirgilio Insurance to make sure that your fleet is properly insured. We will perform a line-by-line audit of your current policy and work with a wide variety of carriers to determine how we can save you money.  Remember that even when your vehicles are stored for the summer months, you should have basic insurance protection; identifying exposures and eliminating gaps in coverage can reduce your premiums.

As industry experts, the agents at DiVirgilio Insurance understand the importance of being properly insured. As New England residents, we appreciate plow companies!  Call us at 781-592-5220 to learn more about how our agency can help your business.

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